F R U I T   S H O P   B E L F A S T



Sumac & Ginger Labneh (V) £5.00
sumac & ginger labneh bowl with roast peach compote,
granola & pomegranate and strawberry syrup

Bacon Breakfast Bap £6.50
o’dohertys bacon + fried egg on a buttered bara bakehouse bap 
with house-made brown sauce or ketchup 

Dan Dan Noodles £7.00 (VG)
rice noodles with rainbow chard, creamy seasame paste + szechuan sauce 
topped with pickled pear + chillis, radish & candied cashew and toasted seed crunch

Puttanesca Sandwich £8.75 (V)
grilled cheese sandwich with puttanesca sauce, housemade basil ricotta,
roast mediterranean vegetables, spinach, smoked cheddar

Gado Gado Hash £8.75 (VG)
Indonesian potato salad with pickled vegetables,
tofu, green beans + a spicy cashew dressing, shallot oil  & seasme seed furikake

(VG) vegan (V) vegetarian 
* vegan alternatives available 

1 Celery, 2 Cereals (Gluten), 3 Crustaceans, 4 Eggs, 5 Fish, 6 Lupin, 7 Milk,
8 Molluscs, 9 Mustard, 10 Nuts, 11 Peanuts, 12 Sesame Seeds, 13 Soya,
14 Sulphur Dioxide



latte   £2.80/3.20
flat white   £2.50
espresso   £2.30
americano   £2.20/2.60
americano with milk   £2.20/2.60
cappuccino   £2.80/3.20
mocha   £2.90/3.30
hot chocolate   £2.70
builders tea   £1.50
assam tea    £2.00
peppermint tea   £2.00
rooibos tea  £2.00
fireweed tea  £2.00


iced turmeric & chai oat milk latte 3.60


iced latte  £2.80
iced americano £2.50
rhubarb soda  £2.80
roasted peach soda £2.80
sparkling water   £1.50

plant milk  +30p
syrups (caramel, vanilla, hazelnut)  +10p
whipped cream  +20p
marshmallows  +20p
vegan marshmallows  +20p

filtered tap water is available

sorry, due to covid-19 we are only using disposable cups


our pastry specials are freshly baked every day on the premises and are subject to change.
please check out our instagram for an idea of what is available.